Sardar Patel Public School is concerned to develop a centre of excellence in educational arena for emerging as a socially conscious school by providing advanced level of teaching learning environ as per the need of the time with share, care, love and smile.

Achieving academic proficiency has been a worthy goal over the time but it is only the starting line. The mission is to equip each child to realise his/her full potential by focusing scholastic achievement, co – scholastic involvement and the development of appropriate life skills required for modeling any future challenges as the son and daughter of freedom fighter “Loh Purush” Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel.

We serve as an educational model that nurtures student’s achievement through holistic reform of education.

Teachers make clear the real world connections between academic and the world beyond the school.

We focused on the consolidation, expansion and diversification with the thrust area as to place the SPPS on the global map with Excellency to make the SPPS responsive to ever changing needs of the society, especially those of the unprivileged strata of the society.

For education to be meaningful, enjoyable, rewarding and positive experience, it is essential that the student, school and parent work in unison.

The almanac should be used as a means for this mega mission.

Dr. Styajit Hota